Bush Survival

Bush survival skills are essential for anyone who ventures out bush, be it alone or with friends.

This overnight camping course is for people who want to feel confident when exploring wilderness regions.

It is not a course for people who enjoy deprivation - it will teach you how to avoid embarrassing, or even life-threatening situations.

The emphasis on this course is learning, rather than surviving, so you practice skills that you will need in an emergency.

If the trip you want to do is not scheduled, please contact us and we will try to organise it for you.

This trip normally runs between May and  August


(Children 16yrs and younger $299)

Two Days: 8:45am Day 1 - 5:00pm Day 2


  • Survival theory/philosophy
  • What to pack in an emergency kit
  • Strategies for self rescue
  • Techniques for signalling outside assistance
  • Find, collect and purify water
  • Techniques to shelter from the elements
  • light fires without matches
  • Improvised first aid
  • Navigate using the sun and stars
  • Introduction to building traps and snares
  • Techniques to survive in different environments

You will also receive a booklet of essential Bush Survival knowledge and tips.

Your Instructors:

Our Bush Survival, Bush Tucker and Navigation courses are led by our experienced team of outdoor guides.

You get to learn from the skills they have developed to stay alive while walking, climbing, canyoning and skiing in the Australian Bush and Snowy Mountains.

Their experience also extends to mountaineering in Alaska, Europe, South America and the Himalayas.


9:00am - 5:00pm

This walk is suitable for everyone from the novice to the botanist. Enjoy learning the history and food use of many Australian native plants.

The Aboriginal people lived a very healthy life on native plants and passed some of their wisdom onto early white settlers.

Unfortunately much of the knowledge has been lost. However through detailed investigation we are rediscovering the value of our native flora. This is a great opportunity to lose yourself in the delights of Australian native plant foods!

This informative walk is packed with tips and tricks to turn the bush into your outdoor pantry.


9:00am - 5:00pm

The Aboriginal people of the Blue Mountains had a wide range of medical plants available to their needs.

This walk looks at the history of Australian native plants with respect to their use in medicine. If you are interested in natural health, this walk will delight you with a wealth of information about Blue Mountains plants.

It is a lively insight into the riches of natural medicine and is accessible to everyone from interested bushwalkers to medical professionals and botanists.


9:00am - 5:00pm

Suitable for beginners. Medium day bushwalking.

Essential for anyone who wants to explore by map and compass and go beyond the beaten trail.

Becoming lost is not an option for bushwalkers, backcountry skiers and snowboarders. Correct navigation can take you safely over any terrain and can save lives.

We begin with the ancient art of navigation by the sun, moon and stars. Then we familiarise ourselves with compass and map skills, then put our knowledge into practice.

It all happens step by step for complete understanding guided by our experienced instructors. Among other things you will learn how to take bearings and locate your position on a map, navigate through fog and thick undergrowth, understand altimeters and GPS navigation systems and most importantly: how not to get lost!

This course will make you a confident bush navigator no matter where you go!

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