Winter Canyoning

Our Winter Canyons run between May and August. These Canyons have been selected because they are beautiful and "mostly" dry. All you need to do is dress for the weather, bring running shoes you can get wet, a litre of water and a camera. Lunch is included on all our full day trips. Breakfast is also included if you are staying at the YHA.

If the trip you want to do is not scheduled, please contact us and we will try to organise it for you.


Grade: Moderate $250

8:45am - 4.30pm

A real gem amongst Blue Mountains canyons. With relatively easy access, it provides an excellent canyoning experience.

You will spend the morning Abseiling up to 30 metres. After lunch, you will travel to the Grose Valley, north of Katoomba.

A short walk takes you to the first of 5 abseils up to 20 metres high. The canyon is narrow, steep and spectacular!!!

A 45 minute walk with stunning views brings us back to the car.

Grade: Moderate $270

7:00am - 5:00pm

Tigersnake is a very narrow and deep canyon with several long abseils and some wet sections (wading only).

Half an hour of walking through the Wollemi National Park takes you to the beginning of the canyon: a slot in the ground, barely one metre wide! Here you abseil into the canyon, with a pool of cool water awaiting you at the bottom...luckily it will only be ankle deep.

After some wading, another short abseil and a downclimb, you arrive at the first long abseil, this one situated next to a waterfall.

It's here that the Canyon opens out into a beautiful rainforest gully until you reach the second and spectacular long abseil: a big drop into the dark chasm, sliding down between two Canyon walls, just 2 metres apart.

The trip through the deep and dark Canyon is a fabulous and unique experience. A plentiful lunch surrounded by ancient tree ferns and towering rock formations allows some rest before for the steep 1 hour exit.

Grade: Easy $250

8:30am - 5:00pm

This unique journey takes you through two canyons in the Wollemi Wilderness. Both are stunning slot canyons and you don't get too wet.

After the drive to the Newnes State Forest, it is an enjoyable bushwalk to the start of Deep Pass Canyon. Unusually we travel upstream, climbing waterfalls and scrambling around deep pools.

You will enjoy a healthy lunch after the first canyon, then it's on to River Caves.

This is one of the deepest slot canyons in the area, up to 80 metres in places. It is not a long walk and well worth it for the fantastic impressions from deep inside this dark, mysterious canyon. Keep your eye out for the rare blue yabbies.

Grade:Moderate/Hard $290

6:00am - 6:00pm

These Canyons offer serious multi-pitch abseils, long waterfalls and spectacular views in a wilderness environment.

These trips are for experienced participants only and require a good level of fitness, for more information about these and other Winter Canyons contact our office.

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